The Best Gps Navigation Functions of the Samsung Epic 4G Touch

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Navigation, as we all know, gets done through your service provider’s towers, GPS (global positioning system) and the Wi-Fi feature in your smart phone. Map feature becomes quite handy if you are moving in an unknown city. It not only displays your current location but also guides you with directions for your destination. You have to tell your smart phone about your destination place and ask for directions, you start getting directional instructions and useful information about balance distance, covered distance, time to reach etc..

With your navigation feature in action, your movement will keep updating the current position and other relevant information. In a new city you can enter a location name, a particular address or a landmark to reach to a particular place. In order to start getting assistance from your navigation tool available on your mobile smart phone, you have to call (or tap) the map application. By entering your destination address, you can instruct your phone to start assisting you.

If you are not clear about the exact address of your destination, there is no need to worry. Just enter the name of company, name of location or name of a nearest landmark. Other way is if you enter the type of industry or company you want to visit along with the location; it will list down exact addresses of matching companies in that location. Look at the list and select appropriate destination. On requesting for direction guidance, the phone will first ask you to validate your present position. After validation done by you, it will display map guidance for your target place.

A map on your screen will start guiding you for your directions. The display on map will have marks of your starting point, your current point and your final point. Gradually when you keep moving, your current location will keep changing. While you keep moving the map will show a decreasing trend in destination distance and increasing trend from initial point. This clearly shows that your movement is in correct direction. There on screen you will find many more options to explore. If you want to list directions in text form rather than map form, select that option. Though chances are less but still maps may sometimes go wrong. But as technology is advancing, this sort of drawbacks are getting minimized.

We just experienced that with your smart phone, navigation was so helpful and friendly that it doesn’t appear as if you are in an unknown city. Anobody if gets such useful assistance will feel comfortable in any new place. Such is the power of smart phone with Navigation feature. When you purchase your smart phone you should also look into some of the many different protective accessories like a case and a screen protector. Such accessories make your mobile handset’s life longer by providing it a shield of protection. Did you have an enjoyable navigational journey?.

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