Empower Network Another Awesome 100% Commission Day

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Whew – what an awesome day icon smile Empower Network Another Awesome 100% Commission Day

Welcome to all of the new members from all over the world, and what a tremendous cash generating lead creating machine we have now the pleasure of sharing.enjoy..as more develops News Flash: 5 new members and 64 leads in 5 days.Wow

We didn’t hit our goal of $100,000 in one day, however – I think we paid out another $50,000.

On a Saturday – that’s incredible.

Tonight we had the highest converting webinar that I’ve ever done – orders were literally flying in, and I kept refreshing the screen as the number was increasing.

As of writing this email, here are the updated stats on commission payouts:

Total User Received Amount: $399,274.20

Total Leads Generated: 8,875

Total Active Users: 2572 (Basic Membership)

Total Active Users: 1260 (The Inner Circle)

Total Active Users: 421 (Costa Rica Intensive)

You can use those numbers to scale your marketing – those of you who know paid
advertising will understand what I mean by saying that.

We will update member stats as the numbers and conversions fluctuate to create a better ability to scale your business.

Also, we’re right now the #1 hot topic on Alexa.com icon smile Empower Network Another Awesome 100% Commission Day

Check these screen shots out:

#1 – this is our 7 day Alexa traffic trend.

Screen shot 2011 11 05 at 10.00.20 PM Empower Network Another Awesome 100% Commission Day

#2: A Picture of us being the #1 Hot Topic on Alexa.com:

Screen shot 2011 11 05 at 10.02.35 PM Empower Network Another Awesome 100% Commission Day


I just refreshed the payout report, and now, the number has changed – we just hit over $400,000 icon smile Empower Network Another Awesome 100% Commission Day

Total User Received Amount: $400,149.20

THAT is very, very cool.

A couple of things – tonight from 2-4 AM, we’re doing a Server Upgrade (again) to accomodate the amount of traffic that we’re getting, and over Sunday we’re doing some massive site upgrades, and fixing some minor bugs.

There may be some temporary downtime like we experienced on Thursday when we did the last server migration – the good news, however, is that this is the last one that we’ll ever need – we’re putting the site into an environment where we can scale to getting 100,000,000 unique visitors a month on an as needed basis.

Also, right now the international payment processor is up and running. We’re also working on international merchant provisioning as we speak, and we hope to be able to help you get merchant accounts all over the world within 2-3 weeks – until then, be paitent, and put up with the one we are using – remember how early we are in the game.

You guys are doing great, and thanks for all of your hard work – thanks for being patient with us as we grow around the world, breaking all records.

Remember, the Empower Network isn’t just about getting 100% commissions – we also have valuable products, and what people are paying for is worth MORE than the cost, so be proud of that – show people the blogging system, the inner circle, and the Costa Rica Retreat, and they’ll be blown away by the value we give, and then the 100% commissions are just icing on the cake.

We will also have ‘customer’ purchase options available soon as well, where customers can purchase the products, stand alone – even if they don’t want to earn additional income.

(Getting programmed as we speak)

I appreciate all of you – YOU are the Empower Network, and together – we can become greater than we ever could on our own.

No matter what business you’re in, there is real value for you here.

I want YOU to have the success you deserve.

Let’s do it.

bob spiro

Empower Network

Whitinsville, MA 01588

508 488 9404

100 Percent Commissions

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