Are You Aware Of What Causes Sleeplessness – Plenty Of People Don’t

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Inadequate sleep, commonly referred to as insomnia, is a problem which many people experience nowadays. Although there can be numerous reasons that can be attributed to this problem, the main reasons of insomnia are day to day problems, emotional anxiety and poor eating habits. It is important to recognize and eliminate the triggers at the earliest to prevent it from leading to additional complications.

We live in a hectic world where individuals are willing to go to any length to survive in their profession. With intense rivalry taking over our workplaces, individuals are left without choice but to go with the flow and take on the work demands. The high stress levels caused as a consequence of the emotional stress and day to day problems are the main causes of insomnia. Added to work place demands, the individual also needs to face the expectations of his family in terms of time and money which need to be met, which further adds to the stress. Adopting certain stress relief measures such as meditation before bedtime can help you get sound restful sleep.

Yet another common reason for insufficient sleep is increased caffeine content in the body. Individuals who drink coffee every hour or two are the ones who are susceptible to insomnia. As a precautionary measure, health experts recommend to minimize coffee to just two or three cups a day and try to avoid coffee consumption in the evening hours to enjoy sound relaxing sleep.

Improper eating habits could also be a reason for insomnia. Going to bed on an empty stomach is as harmful as going to bed stuffed to the hilt. Those suffering from anorexia and bulimia face the risk of insomnia. You need to seek advice from a qualified dietitian to draw up a diet plan if you would like to avoid insomnia problems. Don’t think twice about consulting a psychiatrist if you feel the eating problem has gotten out of hand.

Individuals who smoke excessively are also prone to sleep related ailments. The nicotine content in the cigarettes works as a body stimulant where it intensifies the cardiac activity in individuals making them feel restless. It also increases the flow of blood to the brain and momentarily kills tiredness, thus preventing you from getting a sound sleep.

Inadequate physical exercises and a sedentary lifestyle also trigger insomnia. Physical exercises causes fatigue and tiredness, causing your body crave for rest. Even if you don’t go to a sports club regularly or workout for hours on end, you still can get a restful sleep at night by just taking a small stroll in your garden for about 10 minutes prior to bedtime. This will help to relax your body muscles and also improve the blood flow, therefore aiding in better sleep. It is important to exercise every day and stop being a couch potato if you wish to enjoy sound sleep at night. A short stroll in your garden before hitting the bed will also be adequate. Such type of physical activity loosens up the muscles of your body, encourages blood circulation and also relieves the mind off stress.

Added to these, there are other causes of insomnia for instance drug abuse, too much alcohol consumption and poor sleeping habits. It is important to take charge and identify the reason for insomnia at the earliest to avoid falling prey to mental ailments.

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