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If you’re considering buying or renting property in Mayfair (London’s W1 postcode area), you’re probably already aware of the high prestige in which the area is held. W1 is one of the most celebrated residential areas in the world, and features not only beautiful houses, but also some of the best shops, restaurants, hotels, bars and clubs in the whole of London. The area’s central location also means that if you rent property in Mayfair, you’ll have excellent parks, cinemas and theatres within walking distance of your front door.

This area guide has been put together to help those who are considering renting or buying property in Mayfair, and aims to give a brief introduction to the area’s history, as well as explaining what can be found there today.
So let’s start by looking back at the history of this prestigious London district:

History of Mayfair – The name of the area has its roots in the May Fair, which was held in the area now known as Shepherd Market up until the early 18th century. From the 1720s, the land began to be developed and urbanised. Up until the start of the Second World War, property in Mayfair was widely held to be the best in the whole of London. Many businesses in the City of London were bombed during the War, which meant that many businesses had to relocate to commercial property in Mayfair. Since the mid-1990s, the area has become increasingly residential, and W1 is once again the capital’s most prestigious postcode.

Famous Residents – During the French revolution, many Gallic aristocrats moved into the area, but the most famous former resident is probably the Queen of England. Her Majesty was born in Bruton Street and lived in property in Mayfair during the earliest years of her life. Several former Prime Ministers have also made property in Mayfair their home, including Benjamin Disraeli, Sir Robert Peel, William Pitt the Younger and Winston Churchill.

Types of Property in Mayfair – Because the area was urbanised in the 18th century, many houses in Mayfair were built in the distinctive Georgian style. Another big building project undertaken at the end of the 19th century resulted in the famous terracotta buildings in Mount Street – hence the description of Mount Street as a “paradise of pink terracotta.” Both periods have made their mark on Mayfair buildings, some of which are still large residences, whilst others have been divided up into separate apartments. These old-fashioned buildings are complemented by a number of purpose-built apartment buildings which have been erected more recently.

Mayfair Today – The history of the W1 area is a big draw for many people, but what does the area have to offer for those looking at property in Mayfair today? Well, there are plenty of public and private gardens, great public transport links and an abundance of excellent restaurants – several of which boast Michelin stars. In this author’s opinion, however, the best reason to rent property in Mayfair is the unmistakeable W1 atmosphere, the likes of which you can’t experience anywhere else in London. In fact, there’s nowhere else like it in the world.

An area guide to Mayfair, looking at the district from the 18th century to the present day. Property in Mayfair, as well as nearby property in Belgravia, is renowned for its beautiful period architecture.

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