Bottled or Mains Fed – Which is the most suitable water cooler for a gym?

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A water cooler is an essential item for any gym to have because it allows the members to grab a quick and refreshing drink whenever they need one. All gyms need to have at least one water cooler if not several more situated throughout the building, but which type of water cooler, bottled or mains fed, would be the very best for a gym to use?

Advantages of a bottled water cooler for a gym

Bottled water has been used in public places for many years and is a great, convenient way to provide clean, healthy water to others at your facility at no charge to them. These large plastic containers that sit atop a water cooler can be delivered to your home or place of business by the company of your choosing. You can order bottled water in bulk quantities so that you will always have plenty of water for your water cooler. And it is easy to replace an empty bottle with a brand new one. A water cooler that uses bottled water can provide both cold and warm water by use of an optional temperature setting that appears on most models.

Advantages of a Mains Fed Water Cooler at the Gym

A mains fed water cooler is a great eco-friendly choice for those who wish to purchase a water cooler for a gym. The design of the mains fed water cooler is quickly becoming a very popular choice when it comes to locating a way to dispense crisp, cool, refreshing water at home, at the office and also at the gym. Another great thing about the mains fed water cooler is that it filters the water for you as you dispense it so that any contaminants in the water are removed.

Unlike bottled water that can sit around in storage for a while, with a mains fed water cooler you get instant fresh cold or warm water that has been filtered whenever you need it. And you help to minimize the amount of waste that is made from those large disposable plastic bottles.

Why Choose One Water Cooler Method Over Another?

Obviously if you are concerned about the environment then you will want to use the Mains Fed water cooler instead of bottled water because it is much better for the earth. However a bottled water cooler may be more cost effective and possibly more convenient for you based on various circumstances. Bottled water coolers can be moved around while a mains fed water cooler will need to stay in the same spot where it was installed since it is hooked up to the main plumbing of the building.

Regardless of which type of water cooler you decide to use in your gym, you will be able to provide your members with clean, cool water options no matter which one you choose. This will help to keep your customers happy and make them want to come back again and again due to the great services they are provided with.

Water coolers are a practical solution to many offices, health centres and gyms. With the option of both a bottle fed and main fed water cooler for different location needs.

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