How Your Pub or Restaurant Could Use Catering Companies Such As Brakes

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Any establishment that serves food should pride itself on the quality of the meals that leave its kitchen. And it follows that every good food establishment needs good quality ingredients and supplies. With around 30,000 restaurants and 60,000 pubs in the UK serving a combined total of around 2 billion meals every year, it can be a very busy sector to work in. If you own a restaurant or a pub that serves food, you’ll know that your kitchen staff sometimes need a helping hand during a busy service, which is why having essentials on hand, regularly delivered by a catering company such as Brakes, is a great benefit to any food-focused business.

There are many other reasons why the services offered by a company such as Brakes could help your business out, whether you run a pub, gastro pub or restaurant. Let’s take a look at a few of them, in reference to each business type:

Pubs – Recent changes in the pub sector in the UK mean that there are more opportunities to attract customers with great food. In the last few years, licensing laws have become more flexible, meaning there is greater opportunity to choose opening times, and smoking has been banned in public places, meaning that customers who may have otherwise been put off by smoky environments may choose to eat in pubs more often. More customers inevitably means busier kitchens, so choosing a catering company such as Brakes to provide tasty meals that can be cooked quickly is a great time-saving choice for any pub business. In addition, with a nationwide trend towards healthier heating, buying meals from the Brakes Healthier Choices range is an excellent way to capitalise on this growing market. Catering companies such as Brakes also offer non-food essentials such as cling film, bin liners and cleaning equipment, so you can ensure that your kitchen is fully stocked with all crucial items.

Gastro Pubs – Buying catering supplies from a company such as Brakes also has benefits for those who work in gastro pubs. Because gastro pubs depend on high quality produce from local suppliers, a catering supplier such as Brakes can ensure that the provenance of each and every ingredient is clear. The Brakes menu features a wide range of meat, fish and vegetable ingredients, as well as cheeses and ready-made desserts and larder essentials – everything that a good gastro pub needs.

Restaurants – Consumer trends, such as an increasing demand for quality food and more demanding customer tastes, have encouraged the restaurant sector to carry on growing. With this increasing demand comes an increasing focus on good-quality ingredients. Buying your ingredients and supplies from a company such as Brakes ensures that you know exactly where they have come from and that you can get hold of them affordably. As well as kitchen essentials, Brakes also offers a selection of hand-finished meals, so you can complement your own meals with some quality starters, mains and desserts that are conveniently delivered straight to your restaurant’s door. You can also rely on catering companies to provide a rich selection of drinks, cheeses and after-dinner nibbles.

Those that run their own pub, gastropub or restaurant could benefit from ordering regular catering supplies from a company such as Brakes. These companies provide ingredients, kitchen supplies and even ready-made meals.

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