Why Renting Gas From Suppliers Such As BOC Can Benefit Your Business

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If you run a business that uses welding gas only once or twice a year, you probably purchase the gas you need and use it until it runs out. However, if your cylinder reaches the end of its test life, it is your responsibility to pay for it to be retested. For this reason alone, it can end up being more cost effective to rent gas from companies such as BOC, rather than buy cylinders as and when you need them – especially if you only use welding gas on an occasional basis. For this article, we shall focus on gas leased from BOC, though other companies may offer similar services.

Let’s take a look at just a few reasons why renting from BOC can be better than buying, especially for small businesses:

Safety – Safety is paramount when using high-pressure cylinders, so you should always take into account the fact that ‘rent-free’ welding gas puts the onus on you as a company to comply with safety regulations. Renting your cylinders from a reputable company such as BOC means that you can be sure that the gas you use is of excellent quality and has been stored, filled and maintained correctly – and you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the cylinder is owned by BOC, not you. BOC also deal with maintenance and testing when you rent gas from them, therefore reducing expense on your part.

Consistency – When you buy more gas for a cylinder that you own, you may not be given the same container back. This means that you can never be sure that your cylinders are consistently maintained. Every BOC cylinder is rigorously maintained and expertly tested so that you can always be sure that your welding gas is as safe as possible.

Cost – Let’s say that you only do one or two routine welding jobs in a year. You may well be left with a fair amount of unused gas. An advantage of renting from BOC is that you will be refunded for any gas that you don’t use. So instead of paying around ?150 for a full cylinder that is going to cost money to maintain for its period of use, you can rent one, use what you need, and be sure that you’ll have capital free to invest elsewhere. A standardised 10 litre BOC cylinder at 230bar dispenses more gas than a non-rental cylinder bought at 200bar pressure, meaning you could also get more for your money when you rent.

Green Benefits – Efficient stock control means that BOC knows where each of the gas containers that it leases are, and where they are in their life cycle. This means that there’s less chance of cylinders being dumped after constant reuse, as after a certain period of usage (and having been passed from person to person), people tend to regard each empty cylinder as a useless piece of steel that they need to get rid of. If green credentials are important to your business, then renting could help ensure that your cylinders are dealt with so that they don’t negatively impact the environment.

Renting gas cylinders from a company such as BOC can be more cost effective than actually purchasing cylinders – especially for businesses that only use gas a few times each year. Renting rather than buying cylinders can also help to protect the environment.

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