Winter Approaches Fast, Speeco’s Log Splitter Will Ensure It’s Filled With Warmth

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Some few years ago, anyone who needed firewood would have to use an axe for chopping the wood. However, this was a time consuming and tiring process and in came the chain or power saws. It was found out that chainsaws were only helpful for cutting down trees, but splitting the wood into pieces small enough for effective use required a log splitter to handle the task. Various manufactures came up with several different types of wood splitters, with the electric log splitter being the most popular of them.
Manual log splitters enjoy the simplest mechanical connectivity among all log splitters and many wonder whether it is actually possible to repair them at home. The answer to this question is a big yes!
Are you a proud owner of a manual log splitter? If you do, you might have experienced a rough time trying to get someone to fix the machine when it had broken down. However, you need not worry anymore because this article provides you with in depth details on how best you can repair your manual log splitter from the comfort of your home. A manual hydraulic log splitter is much simpler than gas-operated and electrical ones. There are less mechanical parts and less of a chance of problems. Still, all machines can, and do break down over time. Nonetheless, the repairs required may be quite small repairs and can prevent bigger problems in the future.
Whenever you want to repair your manual log splitter, there are a number of general issues about manual log splitters that you need to understand. Firstly, make sure that you clean off the paint at the joint areas using an electric drill with a wire brush disc attachment. This will help you to have an eye on all the welded connections of the log splitter so as to make sure where the problem could be. Make sure that you are well equipped with welding gloves and mask so as to carry out the repairs efficiently without any injuries.
An electric log splitter is quite popular because of its low cost and power. Homeowners can really benefit from using an electric log splitter simply because they are easy to use and are relatively quieter in operation. They are also lighter, which makes them easier to transport and store. It obviously depends on what type of wood you will be cutting and how much, but electric wood cutters will make the job easier and quicker. Electric log splitters are smaller than their gas powered or skid steer mounted counterparts, which makes them ideal for domestic use.
Typically, you want to make sure that the logs you are splitting are about one foot in diameter and two feet in length for the smaller models of electric wood splitters. This will ensure that the machine is able to handle the task without straining which will give it a longer lifespan. As with any heavy machinery, it is extremely important to follow the proper safety procedures when using an electric log splitter. Always be sure that your electric log splitter is disconnected from a power supply when you are adjusting, cleaning, or going anywhere near the cutting blade. For more information please visit

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